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For the Love of Agave

Sohgave!’s, Chief Executive Officer, Jeff O’Neal was enchanted by the blue agave fields of Mexico long before agave became a grocery store staple. He was on the forefront of the movement to certify these plants as organic, independently testing and certifying them before there were national programs to do the job. He has developed certified low-glycemic organic agave sweetened carbonated beverages and even the world’s only certified organic 100 proof Tequila. He has developed an excitement for the clean, fresh sweetness of agave, and decided to share this healthier alternative to refined sugars with the rest of the world.

We bottle all organic agave syrups right at the source in our state of the art production facility where we can control every step in the process delivering you the finest flavors and most consistent quality. It is our firm belief that every drop of agave nectar deserves to be savored, and Sohgave! strives to innovate more and better ways to use its full, flavorful potential.

Sohgave! Agave Syrup


Sohgave! Agave Syrup


Sohgave! Agave Syrup


Sohgave! Agave Syrup


Sohgave! Agave Syrup


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